GoPro & Kidz Roc


Photos from various GoPro and Kidz Roc Events

Kidz Roc

“I truly am so proud. I cannot even put into words how incredibly thankful I am for the opportunities you have given our dancers and the studio. You are a huge reason for all of our success and for that I am truly thankful.”Alyssa Dechant, Styles Dance Studio
β€œHe’s the best!”Cheryl Priess Dickey, Master Class Teacher
“One of my most favorite days as a dance teacher ever! It was such an awesome experience having the talented Mr. Don come and teach not only our students but also our staff!!”Ashley Vest, Cheers Elite
“We are always SO thankful to have Mr. Don come to TPDA. So inspiring, So helpful and So encouraging! Thank you for supporting us and helping us get to the next step each year!”Jillian Helton, Director, Turning Point Dance Academy