“Mr. Don”

Involved in dance competitions for 25 years, Mr. Don knows the dancer always comes first.

A few photos of Mr. Don with his students

with "Mr. Don"

We are always SO thankful to have Mr. Don come to TPDA. So inspiring, So helpful and So encouraging! Thank you for supporting us and helping us get to the next step each year!Jillian Helton
Thank you Don Mirault for being such a mentor, motivator and influence in so many young dancers lives! SDA thanks you for the opportunities you have given us!Tracey Lock Wozny
I can’t thank this man enough for all the encouragement, inspiration, and corrections, he has given to me over the past few years! You truely have given me something nobody else could have, for that thank you.AlBree Blake
“Can’t wait Im bringing in this very talented mega God to come in and work not only with my dancers at Utep but a master class workshop for the city !!!! Any one interested I mean really interested in working as a professional dancer, singer & actor. Mr Don Mirault is the REAL THING. Google him and you will see he has been ON BROADWAY, TOURS, CRUISE, VEGAS, FILM AND TELEVISION. He has done it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!”Becky Cano Salcido